In early 1977, Ismael ("Mel") Resendiz and his brothers Porfirio, Raul and Ramon immigrated to California and began their careers in the floral industry. Since much of their background had been in farming in various parts of Mexico , it was natural for the brothers to pursue farming opportunities.  Mel took a temporary position working as a farmhand at Zorro Protea Farms in the hills east of Rancho Santa Fe and soon realized his passion for flowers and plants - particularly South African and Australian varieties.  Mel eventually became Zorro's Farm Manager and had the good fortune to have many of his family members by his side.  Learning about these wonderful flowers and plants was made easy because the education and training was provided by Mel ResendizCalifornia 's best and most experienced Protea growers - Howard Asper Sr. and Dr. Peter Sacks.

     In 1995, Dr. Sacks and Mel became partners of a ten acre property (now referred to as Rainbow Crest) in the Hills of Rainbow, CA.  Rainbow is a small community in  Northern San Diego County and is considered a part of the city of Fallbrook .  After many years of growing Australian and African plants, they realized that Rainbow had the prefect soil conditions and climate for expanding their growing grounds.  Rainbow Crest is now home to some of California 's most beautiful Protea, Pincushions ,and Leucadendrons.  This ten acres in Rainbow has expanded to over 100 acres and the growth continues.

     In early 1999, Zorro Protea Farms went out of business, leaving Mel and his family on their own.  However, their passion for the flowers and plants, as well as the floral industry continued on as they established Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers LLC.  Their goal remains the same: to provide the newest, freshest, top-quality floral products and plants to all their customers.

    Today, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of Protea, Pincushions, Banksia, Kangaroo PawsLeucadendron, Filler Flowers and Foliages, as well as plants.  Many of our varieties are hybrids - grown only by Resendiz Brothers.  We take pride in growing and shipping our own products, while offering warm, friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

     All our flowers, fillers and foliages are harvested at optimal times to ensure the best color, stem length and maximum vase life.  Flowers are brought in from the fields to our cooler and prepared for shipping.  All our bouquets are made to order with the seasons, freshest  products.  Take a look at our Bouquets and experience how they change from Protea Season to Pincushion Season.

We strive to ship all product within 24 hours of harvesting.  We require no minimum order and are happy to pack mixed boxes at your request.  Our products sell themselves, and bring beauty and joy to our customers, as well as your customers.

Enjoy our website!  Feel free to contact us by phone (760) 731-3305 or via email with any questions you may have.  We look forward to assisting you.