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Just like the childhood draw of a box of 68 crayons, a field full of colorful protea and foliage stirs emotions and encourages the imagination. Warm and cool colors combine to make beautiful statements, some powerful, and others tranquil. Rich reds, deep pinks, and cool greens can come together to make stunning arrangements that remind us of the season.

Design Idea, Protea / Foliages Wedding Resendiz Brothers

Design Idea Protea Resendiz brothers Wedding

Design Idea King Protea resendiz Brothers Wedding

Design Idea Protea/Foliages Resendiz brothers Wedding

Design Ideas Pincushion / Protea Resendiz Brothers Wedding

Design Idea Pincushion / Protea Resendiz Brothers Wedding

Design Ideas Protea Foliage Resendiz Brothers Wedding

Design Ideas Protea Foliages  Resendiz Brothers

Design Ideas Foliage Resendiz Brothers

Pincushion/Protea Design Ideas

Wedding Design Ideas Protea

Protea Design Ideas Weidding Resendiz Brothers

Design Ideas protea Foliages Resendiz brothers

Design Ideas Protea Resendiz Brothers

Protea Bouquet Wedding Design Ideas

Design Ideas protea Foliages

Design Ideas Protea

Protea Desgin Ideas

Banksia / Protea Design Ideas

Protea Design Ideas