The Bruniaceae family is one of shrubby evergreen plants, comprising 12 genera - Audouinia, Berzelia, Brunia, Linconia, Lonchostoma, Mniothamnea, Nebelia, Pseudobaeckea, Raspalia and Staavia - all native to southern Africa, many resembling heather in habit. These almost alien-like shrubs are becoming an extremely popular for their beautiful colors and texture.



Bruniaceae Alvaflora Resendiz Brothers
B. Albiflora
Season: Summer

Berzelia Lanuginosa Winter

Berzelia Luginosa
Season: Winter
Berzelia Lanuginosa Spring
Berzelia Lanuginosa
Season: Spring

Berzelia Red Jelly Resendiz brothers, Flora California

Berzelia Red Jelly
Season: Winter-Spring

Berzelia Galpinii Resendiz Brothers, California Flora

Berzelia Galpinii
Season: Winter-Spring